My Homemaking Goals for 2020

I learned years ago not to make “resolutions”—over-specific targets that I couldn’t stick to with no actual plan to achieve them. Instead, I make reasonable goals and break them down into actionable steps. I have various personal goals for 2020 (involving regular yoga, walking, and reading), but here I want to go into my goals... Continue Reading →

Natural Cleaners

It was only recently that I decided to try out natural cleaners, and I still use some commercial products such as Pledge for my wood furniture, but so far I have been happy with how castile soap and white vinegar have been working for me. I have also switched to cleaning with microfiber cloths and... Continue Reading →

Putting Your Kitchen to Sleep

I first heard this phrase on the blog Mrs. Midwest (love her!) and it stuck with me. I’ve always tried to do this, but never thought of it in that way. The idea is that you want everything to be clean and tidy before your head hits the pillow: dishes washed, counters wiped down, utensils... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Organize Clutter

This is a Public Service Announcement: you can’t organize clutter. Many people think of “organizing” as buying some pretty boxes and shuffling things around until everything looks neat and tidy. But, especially if you’re like me, just knowing that those boxes are filled with a jumble of random objects is super stressful and saps your... Continue Reading →

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