Do Our Belongings Show Who We Are?

Lately, I have been seeing an Etsy commercial with this tagline: “Our belongings don’t just show what we care about; they show who we are.” I knew right away that I would have to make a post about this, because as a minimalist I cannot possibly agree with this message (even though I love the... Continue Reading →


Today’s post is a collaboration with my friend Jordyn of @thelittleemmettthatcould, an awesome Instagram account featuring stunning photos of handsome black lab mix, Emmett, in nature—and styled with fabulous gear, like hand-crafted bandanas from Urban Hound Co., for whom he is a model! She did a little photo shoot for me and Dakota, too (see... Continue Reading →

Stepping Back (Blog Update)

To my few, dear readers, I have decided to step back a little and adjust my posting schedule (by reducing it to once or twice a week), in order to be able to bring you better content. I am hoping to create some slightly longer and more thoughtful posts, instead of trying to keep up... Continue Reading →

Natural Cleaners

It was only recently that I decided to try out natural cleaners, and I still use some commercial products such as Pledge for my wood furniture, but so far I have been happy with how castile soap and white vinegar have been working for me. I have also switched to cleaning with microfiber cloths and... Continue Reading →

Putting Your Kitchen to Sleep

I first heard this phrase on the blog Mrs. Midwest (love her!) and it stuck with me. I’ve always tried to do this, but never thought of it in that way. The idea is that you want everything to be clean and tidy before your head hits the pillow: dishes washed, counters wiped down, utensils... Continue Reading →

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