Meet Phoebe

Clearly, Phoebe is not a dog. But she deserves her own page! She is every bit as charming as Dakota, and loves to snuggle up on soft blankets or on my lap or chest. Sometimes she reaches up my legs to be picked up, like a toddler, and she has a great purr. She is just so sweet and laid back. Phoebe doesn’t have dietary restrictions or daily medications, and doesn’t need walks or classes, but I am every bit as much of a Cat Mom as I am a Dog Mom. It didn’t make as much sense to pursue the topic of cats as prominently on this particular blog, but this little girl will make an appearance now and then; stay tuned for more adorable cat photos in the future!

I met Phoebe a few months after the passing away of my childhood cat, Kiki. I still lived with my dad and we were not officially looking to adopt a pet at the time, but somehow I ended up in a PetSmart store picking up kittens, and I fell in love with Phoebe right away. She had some very cute sisters, but there was just something about her that stood out. I have always been fond of grey striped cats (Kiki was one as well), but it wasn’t that; it was that when I picked her up, she immediately purred, and began to play with the zipper on my jacket. She nudged me with her nose and didn’t want to be put down. I also liked that she had been in a foster home, where she was well socialized. My previous cat had some emotional issues, and we hadn’t really had any information about her when we got her. It was fate, and we brought Phoebe home that same day.

Phoebe as a kitten

Phoebe was about 3 months old when we adopted her, and now she is 8! She lives with me and my husband and, of course, Dakota. She loves to go up high, sometimes on top of doors (although we often have to help her get down), and to stretch out in a number of different contortions to sleep. I am thankful to have this sweet little girl in my life.

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