Meet Dakota

Dakota is smart (she can do basic tricks but also agility and scent work), charming (just look at those expressive eyebrows!), and loves going on walks, particularly in order to hunt rabbits. Often after a vigorous 40-minute walk in the morning, she will sleep most of the day, only rousing herself to ask for food. She plays a major role in my homemaking in that she is boisterous and demands attention, and she also needs frequent vet visits for skin and ear infections and anxiety.

Dakota comes from North Carolina. My husband and I discovered her profile on PetFinder and she seemed like a great fit for us. A family had decided to adopt her, then backed out at the last minute, so our timing was perfect; on an unseasonably warm February day in 2017, we drove from New York State to Connecticut to a Barnes & Noble parking lot to meet Dakota.

I remember getting there very early and waiting in the bookstore. I was so nervous about meeting Dakota—it felt like I was going on a blind date. Finally, the representatives from Double Dog Rescue arrived. A few minutes later, a large white van pulled into the parking lot. Dakota was on that van.

The moment I saw a skinny, greasy black-and-tan dog jump out of the van, with a white patch on her chest, I immediately fell in love.

My husband and I meet a malnourished Dakota

On the way back from Connecticut

As soon as we got home, we bathed Dakota and started feeding her healthy food and treats to help her put on some weight. These days, she is at a perfect weight for her size, and her fur is so soft and shiny!

I would be lying if I said I was a “dog person” before Dakota came along. But my husband primed me for dog ownership by watching adorable dog videos daily for almost a year. And at the time, I was working in a pet food store where cute dogs came in all the time. Whatever happened, I’m so glad it did. Dakota made me a Dog Mom, and I’m very grateful.

Dakota takes a nap with her beloved Kong

Featured photo taken by Eric Jenks

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