Today’s post is a collaboration with my friend Jordyn of @thelittleemmettthatcould, an awesome Instagram account featuring stunning photos of handsome black lab mix, Emmett, in nature—and styled with fabulous gear, like hand-crafted bandanas from Urban Hound Co., for whom he is a model! She did a little photo shoot for me and Dakota, too (see... Continue Reading →

Dakota’s Agility Class

Dakota recently took a 6 week class in agility (it was called "low impact," which mostly meant that it was less competitive and more just for fun). We didn't take any pictures or video until the last class (why??) and of course recorded a run in which she was being a little silly, when she... Continue Reading →

Dakota’s Allergy Woes

When we got Dakota, we knew she had allergies, we just didn’t know to what; we still don’t. We thought she was doing better—since starting Prozac for her anxiety, she hadn’t had any infections. But a few weeks ago we found her shaking her head repeatedly, and the vet diagnosed a yeast infection in both... Continue Reading →

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