My Homemaking Goals for 2020

I learned years ago not to make “resolutions”—over-specific targets that I couldn’t stick to with no actual plan to achieve them. Instead, I make reasonable goals and break them down into actionable steps. I have various personal goals for 2020 (involving regular yoga, walking, and reading), but here I want to go into my goals that are specific to homemaking, both to share them with you and to gain more clarity for myself. I don’t want to write down too many and overwhelm myself, so I’m going to stick with a trio of goals, like I did for my personal life. These goals are not your typical keep-my-house-clean promises. They are about community and passion, comfort and wellness, which I find to be at the heart of homemaking in every way.  

  1. Share something weekly. This year, I want to share more: my cooking and baking, my art and music. Every week I’d like to share something with my friends or neighbors, whether it be a homecooked meal, a loaf of bread I baked, a song, or a drawing. I want to build a community around myself and my home, and sharing is a good way to do this. (Potlucks are definitely on the horizon!) It also lets me pursue my hobbies and passions. I don’t plan to keep track of this goal in a journal or on a calendar, but I’ll have it posted on my bulletin board as a reminder of what I want to accomplish.
  2. Purify my house. My rather sad-looking spider plant attests to my lack of green thumb. But I like the air-purifying qualities of plants and how it looks and feels to “bring the outside in.” I have asked for a couple of floor plants for various rooms from people who inquired about housewarming gifts, and I’m looking forward to seeing some (pet-safe!) greenery around my home. I will research how to care for them properly and act accordingly. Perhaps I will follow their journey here! I’d also like to purify my pantry by keeping mostly natural, unprocessed foods.
  3. Dreamify my home. No, that’s not a real word. What it means is that I want to start turning my new house into my dream home. To be honest, this will probably take more than just one year. I already feel so at home and happy in the new place, but I’m looking forward to putting my own personal touch on each and every room. I can’t wait to prepare a guest room for out-of-town visitors and impromptu sleepovers; find the perfect artwork for our bedroom; put cushy arm chairs and a beautiful wooden bookcase next to the fireplace.

If the heart of homemaking lies in community and passion, comfort and wellness, its body is your home. Tend to all of these things, and you will find yourself having a life well-lived.

I hope this post inspires you to come up with some of your own homemaking goals this year 🙂

What are your goals for 2020? Share them in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “My Homemaking Goals for 2020

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  1. I love everything about this post. A few years ago I hated our apartment for trauma reasons but it’s a cheaper place that is actually really nice. I took the time to make it look like my “dream” home. Pothos, snake plants, macrame, less clutter, more soy candles, pictures of our family, etc. I actually like coming home now. I hope you’re able to curate your home to be everything you want. And I look forward to the artsy posts!

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your post because it got me thinking about how I might “dreamify” my dream home. I do feel like my home is my “dream home,” but some aspects of it are not “dreamy” yet. Clutter is an area that has taken over our closets, and my cat Elsie has taken to jumping in my closet and knocking things over and onto the floor. But inspired by your post, Anna, I am in the process of “dreamifying” my closet. We gave away lots of old sheets and towels and purchased some nice striped fabric containers at Target to organize the sheets and linens and make it more cat-proof! I am about halfway there, and I really think it is looking better. I think tackling one room at a time is the way to go. Next up is to update our kitchen! I am excited to learn more about what you do to “dreamify” your home, Anna.

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