Reenergizing a Dull Day at Home

One day a few weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling my best. I was down and bored, having finished my errands and other tasks I needed to do that day. As a homemaker, some days are definitely busier than others, and while it may seem like a dream to have extra “down time,” I find that it feels far better to be productive with time spent at home, instead of sitting around and “relaxing” for hours on end (which some people definitely think is all that homemakers do!)

I have always been an artistic person, and as a child I never gave store-bought cards; I made my own, every time, even when I was old enough to have some of my own money. I didn’t find this to be boring or work-intensive. It was exciting, fun, and creative. I loved coming up with ideas for specific people and occasions. At some point, that excitement came to a halt. I gave in to laziness and could no longer find the energy to put time into crafting handmade cards (even though I have a really cool stamp that says “handmade by anna.”)

I spent some time with my mother-in-law and we were talking about needing to get a card for her niece’s baby shower. A minute later, we were on YouTube watching tutorials on how to make cute pop-up cards. She got out some craft supplies, and I ended up taking inspiration from this card on the website Parental Perspective; it was a simple idea (baby blocks) that I felt I could execute with relative ease (compared to some of the crazier ideas we saw like a very detailed peacock). 

It felt so good to use my creative side, especially because I haven’t been drawing lately. After painstakingly creating the inside of the card, I realized that I hadn’t given any thought to the outside of the card. Rather an important detail to be missing…I forget where I got the idea specifically, but I decided to make a little onesie on a paperclip hanger to decorate the front of the card.

I am so proud of how the card turned out (and that I didn’t accidentally ruin it when I wrote inside). In fact, that same day I ended up making a pop-up card for my husband depicting the new house we will be moving into soon! (Hopefully next month.) I am planning a lot of minimalism AND homemaking posts around the move, so stay tuned!

Finally, these card-making projects go along perfectly with the frugal nature of homemaking. We already had paper, glue, colored pencils and markers. I didn’t need to spend eight dollars on a store-bought card when I had the time and ability to make a lovely one myself!

Now that I am a homemaker, and I have the time to do a craft like this, it makes perfect sense to pursue it on what otherwise might have been a very lackluster day. It lifted my spirits, and made my husband’s cousin smile as well.

Other ideas to turn around your day:

-Clean something you never bother to clean

-Organize a drawer or closet

-Cook or bake something new

-Write a journal entry (or blog post!)

-Put on an inspiring podcast and tidy every room

What do you do to turn around a dull day at home?

4 thoughts on “Reenergizing a Dull Day at Home

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  1. Your list of suggestions at the end are almost all things I need to do! Thanks for the reminder and the motivational push to get something done today!!! I always feel better when I at least accomplish something…

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