Today’s post is a collaboration with my friend Jordyn of @thelittleemmettthatcould, an awesome Instagram account featuring stunning photos of handsome black lab mix, Emmett, in nature—and styled with fabulous gear, like hand-crafted bandanas from Urban Hound Co., for whom he is a model! She did a little photo shoot for me and Dakota, too (see a few of the shots below).

Here are 20 #dogmomproblems we came up with. Be sure to add your own in the comments below!

  1. When they try to walk you (Dakota)
  2. When they do something naughty and respond to your anger with sass
  3. When they are too smart for their own good
  4. When they demand endless belly rubs and kick you with their paws when you don’t comply
  5. When you can’t leave the house because there is a scary thunderstorm
  6. When they wait outside the door but refuse to come in (Dakota)
  7. When they won’t go potty when you want/ need them to
  8. When they eat your socks and underwear (Emmett)
  9. When you leave them alone for an hour come back to a chewed-up couch
  10. When they won’t sit still for your family photo shoot (Dakota)
  11. When they won’t stop licking their empty Kong that hasn’t had peanut butter in it for multiple days (Dakota)
  12. When they scoot their butt on your friend’s white kitchen floor and leave a streak (Emmett)
  13. When you have to use olive oil to clean sap off their furry behind after hiking
  14. When they give you their paw so hard it leaves a mark (Dakota)
  15. When they are known as a “drama queen” at the vet’s office (Dakota)
  16. When they are allergic to literally everything (Dakota)
  17. When they have too many bandanas and you can’t decide which one they should wear (Emmett)
  18. When they jump up on the counter at the pet food store and knock over the credit card machine (Dakota)
  19. When they are so shy that they hide under a car if someone comes up to you during your walk (Emmett)
  20. When they eat a whole loaf of your homemade bread (Dakota)



“I don’t want to look at the camera, Mom! I want to look for squirrels!”

Bonus: 5 #catmomproblems!

  1. When you have claw holes in every blanket
  2. When they take over your favorite chair
  3. When they walk across the keyboard and type gibberish into the middle of your blog post
  4. When they catch a mouse but decide to play with it instead of actually taking care of the problem
  5. When they consider the litterbox optional

Which ones can you relate to? Do you have any #dogmomproblems (or #catmomproblems) to add? Share them in the comments!

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