Having an Open Closet

I think open wardrobes are a neat idea, not to mention quite attractive when done right. But the reason I have one is a lack of space, not a desire to show off my clothes. While I love plain garment racks—just a straight rod with perhaps a space for shoes below, in white or gold—we needed not only space for clothing (my husband’s clothes are in a closed closet) but also space for extra storage. You can see that there are a few boxes, a purse, and a hat, as well as my donation bin, where I put things I no longer want or need until I have a chance to donate or give them away. It’s so high up because I kept finding Phoebe (our cat) sleeping in it!

Phoebe attempts to climb into an overflowing donation box

One of the drawbacks of having an open closet, at least for a perfectionist like myself, is that you want it to look good. And for me, anyway, that means that everything has to go together perfectly. I admit to having a red floral dress (from Stitch Fix; I will be doing a post on the service next month) that just doesn’t look right hanging next to my blush pink items. My solution? Stuff it in my dresser. While that may not be an ideal way to handle things, I don’t want to get rid of a dress I like and wear just because it doesn’t look right with my other stuff. That would not be very minimalist of me, as one aspect of minimalism is living more simply and sustainably by using what you own, rather than replacing it with a “nicer” item before it is worn out.

Lately, as I shop, I consider my current wardrobe and color palette as I bring in new items, and that has helped prevent this problem from recurring. I am perfectly happy with the colors that I have selected, so I don’t feel the need to have a random bright top or loud print. (When I was younger, I literally had a top in every possible color, even yellow—which doesn’t even look good on me—and I arranged them in rainbow order. Clearly, my style has evolved since then.) I do go for stripes or florals periodically, as I find them to be timeless and to last in my wardrobe without getting tired of them.

How does the look of your closet affect what you buy or wear?

4 thoughts on “Having an Open Closet

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  1. I think my anxiety and OCD would absolutely die if I had an open wardrobe. I couldn’t handle it; even open cabinets in kitchens give me anxiety and make me want to constantly clean everything (way more than I already do). Plus, I like the look of a nice, flat wall. Kudos to you!


    1. I can see what you mean! I guess I’m in a place where I get more pleasure from when it looks nice than discomfort from when it looks imperfect (which isn’t to say that I’m not constantly adjusting it to try to make it look perfect…)


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