My Capsule Wardrobe

I’m not going to count out or list every piece I own, (if you would like that, let me know in the comments!) but I will give an overview of my personal wardrobe, including my style, color palette, and the general things I like to wear for each season.

I consider my style to be romantic, feminine, and polished, yet comfortable. My lifestyle as a homemaker allows me to wear what I want, and I like to dress nicely, even when I am staying at home (this habit started fairly recently, and I find myself wearing trousers more than jeans, blouses more than t-shirts). When I do chores, I just throw an apron over it! Try it sometime; the feeling of being put-together even at home is life-changing. Just picture it: someone knocks on your door in the morning…and you look great!

For my color palette, I like to stick to neutrals, but no black (except for bottoms.) In my closet you will find white, cream, tan, gray, and my accent color: blush pink. I also have touches of sky and navy blue. I have found that, yes, I have to look down at myself while I’m eating spaghetti to make sure I didn’t splatter all over my light-toned tops, but I simply look better in lighter colors; I have relatively fair skin and black just washes me out.

For summer, I like to wear sleeveless tops most of the time, so I have a few silky camisoles, some light blouses, two ever-versatile white t-shirts, a couple of dresses, and some dressier shorts along with a pair of black ankle-length trousers and two pairs of jeans. I leave my cardigans in my closet for the summer because everywhere is air-conditioned and I don’t like to be cold.

In the winter, I prefer soft, cozy sweaters, but I recently donated or threw out some older ill-fitting or pilly/ holey ones, so I actually have to go shopping for some more or I will not have enough to get me through the week! Right now I have two lightweight v-neck sweaters in camel and light gray, a narrow horizontal striped long sleeved tee in navy and ivory, and a ¾ sleeve wide black and white striped tee. I can also wear my cardigans over a camisole or blouse, but I plan to get a few heavier knit sweaters to fill in the gaps. My sweaters are kept in a dresser, so the shoulders don’t stretch out, along with underwear and workout clothes.

Of course I have shoes for various occasions (sneakers, sandals, boots) and a few accessories, which help dress up a limited wardrobe. (I have one floral scarf, a number of pairs of earrings, and a couple necklaces plus one bracelet.)

What is your favorite thing about your wardrobe?

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