Dakota’s Agility Class

Dakota recently took a 6 week class in agility (it was called “low impact,” which mostly meant that it was less competitive and more just for fun). We didn’t take any pictures or video until the last class (why??) and of course recorded a run in which she was being a little silly, when she had just completed a near-perfect run. Still, we are so proud of her for learning to complete the course. At first she walked around the ramp, the jumps, and especially the tunnel. By the last class, she was going BACK through the tunnel to try and get more treats!

While I can’t share a video directly onto the site, (see the Instagram for that), I selected some stills from the different parts of the course so you can get an idea of what she’s been up to in agility class.

The course begins with a good “sit”

Over the ramp (or “A-Frame”)

These are called either “steps” or “ladder”

Through the tunnel!

Daintily stepping over the jump (she actually knocked it down on this turn)

Weaving through the poles

There was one more jump, which she didn’t want to do, and then she sat, got treats, and that was it! We eventually learned that she actually does better when given all the treats at the very end, instead of one obstacle at a time, but that is the way you start, to get them used to each task.

I hope you found this a little informative, and a lot adorable!

Has your dog ever taken an agility class? How did they do?

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