What Does it Take to Be A Homemaker?

Homemaking is not all about cleaning or manual labor, nor is it just for mothers. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into caring for the life of a family, whether you have human children or not.

One thing that homemaking requires is wise planning and organizing. There are many things that have to be taken into account daily, weekly, and monthly, from to-dos to bill paying. The home and cars must be maintained, and the pets brought to the vet. When things come up that have to be dealt with, I am typically in charge—from calling the insurance company to heading to the DMV. I also planned and organized our entire wedding, from selecting and arranging payment for the vendors to the décor (DIY-ing along the way), and it went exactly as I pictured it! That was a long process, spanning about a year and a half, and involved a lot of Microsoft Excel charts.

Meticulous scheduling goes hand-in-hand with planning; most of the things I plan require some kind of designated time or appointment. I have a daily/ weekly schedule that I follow for grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry, and I have to fit other responsibilities in around that schedule. Doctor’s appointments, bank visits, personal visits, and more must all be properly scheduled. And I like to be early to things! (Or, at the very least, on time.) It is true that a homemaker’s schedule can be quite flexible, but it all depends on how an individual chooses to run their household.

Another skill it takes to be a homemaker? Patience! You need to talk to someone about a strange charge on your credit card bill? You’d better believe that you’re going to be waiting before you get to talk to a real person, but not before you have to type in the number “1” repeatedly as you make your way through an exhaustive robotic message. To accomplish the objective of your phone call, you have to be good at careful listening and take notes so you have a record of the conversation—perhaps being put on hold in the middle of the call. At least once. You’ll also want to have patience with your pets, kids and partner (not to mention your friends and parents), to maintain healthy relationships.

I’m sure there are many more homemaking skills that I could list and discuss, but the last one I want to mention here is the ability to nurture. As a homemaker, you must nurture your home and family so that they can thrive, from watering your potted plants to cultivating the mind of your dog with canine classes; from dusting the coffee table to spending quality time with your partner.

Homemaking is about running a household, which entails not just physical work but mental work, as well as deeply caring for and about the household you run.

What other skills do you use as a homemaker?

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