What Homemaking Means to Me

Welcome to the first of the homemaking content here on the blog! Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing–there will still be plenty of minimalism, organizing, and doggy content, too!

To me, homemaking means much more than cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. While I have the privilege of taking care of these things during the week, I also have the opportunity to do other important things, including supporting not just my husband, but my friends and family as well. I am able to spend quality time with these people more often than most, to help run errands for them and just generally be there for them, physically and emotionally.

I believe that being a homemaker allows me to be a better partner, friend and daughter. Not only that, but I have the time to take care of my pets, which would be more difficult if I were working a nine-to-five job. My dog requires relatively frequent vet visits, for skin allergies, ear infections, and anxiety. My cat is very low-maintenance, but I love the time I get to spend with her during the day!

While there are many people these days who don’t agree with this lifestyle, particularly for someone who doesn’t have kids, I find that it works well for me and for my family. Being a homemaker lets me pursue my hobbies, such as drawing and songwriting. I love that I have the chance to nurture my mind and my talents through reading and exploring new activities. And, of course, I have the time to blog!

On Friday, I’ll be talking about what kind of skills it takes to be a homemaker. In the future, you might see posts about my routines, favorite recipes, and my thoughts on homemaking in addition to my other content.

Are you a homemaker, or do you know one? What does the word “homemaker” mean to you?

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