What Does Minimalism Have to Do with Dogs?

The topics of this blog may seem diverse or random to some, but to me, they are all intertwined. Minimalism — or the art of living with fewer things and more intention — plays a major part in the way I live my life and organize my days as well as the things I own. The values of minimalism spill over into my role as a homemaker and as a pet parent (a “dog mom,” if you will. But I have a cat, too. Meet my pets at the top of the home page). While I am more likely on this blog to talk about dog issues, that doesn’t mean I’m picking sides! I just find that my dog takes up more of my time and energy throughout the day, which is why I consider her more of a “companion” to my homemaking.

Although I am just beginning my journey as a minimalist, I have enjoyed organizing for as long as I can remember, and I like to find joy in the little things at home, which includes the time I spend with my animals.

In this blog I will expand on my thoughts about minimalism, organizing, homemaking, and pet-parenting. I hope you find the posts here useful and relatable, wherever you are in your own journey.

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