My 2020 Vision Board

I had originally kept this board set to private, as I wasn't sure I wanted to share it. It's very personal, you know? But I'm in the sharing mood, so I decided that I will share it with you, just for fun. I love reading about other people's plans, goals and habits, and I hope... Continue Reading →

My Homemaking Goals for 2020

I learned years ago not to make “resolutions”—over-specific targets that I couldn’t stick to with no actual plan to achieve them. Instead, I make reasonable goals and break them down into actionable steps. I have various personal goals for 2020 (involving regular yoga, walking, and reading), but here I want to go into my goals... Continue Reading →

Minimalism as a Mindset

My husband and I just moved, and there are a lot of boxes. SO MANY boxes. It’s making me realize how much stuff I actually have, that I didn’t think I had. I have decluttered so much, yet there is still so far to go. How did we even cram this much stuff into our... Continue Reading →

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